Australia 2013 Group

Safely in Adelaide, South Australia. Group outside of University of Adelaide.

Welcome to the MSU Sustainable Food, Environment and Social Systems in Australia Study Abroad 2013.

Follow this blog as we travel across Australia learning about sustainability from May 11 –  June 8, 2013.

On the right side of the blog screen, you will see the dates of the program with a daily student leader’s name.   Click on the individual dates, to view the blog for any particular day.    We also hope that you might submit a question related to sustainability for our group to respond to. If you subscribe to the blog, you will receive an email when the blog is updated.  Despite this reminder, you might want to check back regularly, as we add pictures and comments all the time. Please also note that your first comment must be approved by an instructor before it will post. After that time, you can post comments without an approval.

Thank you and enjoy your virtual travel with us.

We also invite you to visit our program website at: https:\\www.msu.edu\course\be\475\australia.

Luke Reese, reesel@msu.edu
Jim Lucas, lucasjam@msu.edu

2013 Itinerary


7 thoughts on “Home

  1. Shauna Hoffman

    I wanted to wish everyone a safe and smooth trip to Australia! And also especially wanted to wish Mallory a happy 20th birthday when you arrive down under on the 13th, we will all be thinking of you!!!

  2. Lynda J Farquhar

    Happy Birthday, Mallory!

  3. Mary Kay Stratta

    I appreciated Nick’s blog because it was filled with descriptions of a place and activities that I could envision. Wish I was there! Hope your group enjoys great weather and friendship!

  4. Stacey Snyder

    I’m happy to have the opportunity to learn as you all learn, and get a peek at the landscape, animals, and cities of Australia. Happy and safe travels!

  5. Shelly Schmidt

    Safe travels to all of you! We love the blog and the updates!

  6. Mary Beth Kramer

    I am really enjoying the chance to “see” Australia through this blog! Wish I was there! Have a fabulous time – more pictures!!

  7. Diane Lauer

    Very interesting and entertaining comments. I visited Australia several years ago but the perspective of your trip is so different!

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