AubynAubyn A.
Agribusiness Management
My name is Aubyn A., and I am a junior studying Agribusiness Management with a minor in agronomy. I am from Elk Rapids, Michigan, where I work and live on my family fruit farm. I have an interest in global relations focusing on agriculture, so I am eager to learn overseas.   I also have a lot of interest in sustainable agriculture as I feel it is something that our country is behind in compared to others. I am excited to learn about different types of farming and how it compares to farming here in the United States.
BrianneBrianne D.
Biosystems Engineering
My name is Brianne D. and I am a sophomore at Michigan State University. I’m from Grosse Pointe, Michigan and grew up in a Spartan family. I’m currently in the College of Engineering major in Biosystems Engineering and plan on graduating with a concentration in Food Science. I’ve always wanted to travel to Australia and cannot wait to spend a month there. I’m a very social person and am excited to make new friends on this trip. I’ve always been very active, I love playing sports and going for runs in my free time.
JeffJeff E.
My name is Jeff E. I’m from Perry Michigan, and a Horticulture major. I hunt and fish and like to do anything outdoors, which is a big reason I was interested in this trip. Although my career goal is to own a landscape company I work in two Vineyards in northern Michigan during the summer. So I would like to visit one in Australia to see how it compares. I am also looking forward to the sustainability aspect of the trip since I am taking a landscape sustainability class next year. It may also be something I incorporate into my future business.
JessicaJessica H..
Hospitality Business
Hello, my name is Jessica H. Growing up in a smaller town of White Lake, Michigan I am so thrilled that I have this opportunity to study abroad in Australia. I am a junior in The School of Hospitality Business at Michigan State University. I have experience in event planning and sales, this program will help me to round out my current studies with my environmental interests. Being able to share this trip with fellow Spartans will be the experience of a life time. See you there, go green!
KenKen H.
Environmental Economics&Policy
I’m Ken H., hailing from Flint, Michigan. Junior Environmental Economics and Policy major with a special interest in Renewable Energy.  Motorcycle enthusiast, published poet, and lifelong vegetarian. My interest in sustainable food production and the environment stems from my vegetarianism – and vise versa – to be sure.
MalloryMallory H.
My name is Mallory H. I’m from Williamston, Michigan and I’m a sophomore Packaging major at MSU. I’m a member of the Honors College, the MSU Dance Club and the IZZONE. I love MSU basketball! I also love art and photography, and am hoping to add a specialization in Design to my degree. I work in the admissions office of the MSU Biomolecular Sciences gateway as a student office aide. I spend my summers in Charlevoix, Michigan with my family where I work as a server at a local restaurant. I can’t wait to travel to Australia this summer!
MichelleMichelle J.
No Preference
My name is Michelle J. and I am currently a sophomore here at MSU! I am a UGS Major which means I am currently undecided on what I would like to do! I was born and raised in the Lansing area, my hometown being Williamston, Michigan which is about 15 minutes east of MSU Campus. Being an undecided major this program really caught my eye because I have a strong interest in sustainability and resources which we live by in day to day lives! A couple years ago I found out I was gluten intolerant which really altered my lifestyle! I began having to read labels more and found myself buying more organic foods. With this I began realizing how much of our food is processed and infused with harmful chemicals and ingredients! Also, I realized many of our natural foods are becoming scarcer. With saying this I am very interested to learn more about sustainability and how it is affected in all aspects! I’m very excited to learn more about this topic in the outback!
KellyKelly K.
Envir Studies and Agriscience
Hello, I am Kelly K. a Junior at Michigan State University majoring in Environmental Studies and Agriscience. I’m from Port Huron, MI, I’m 20 years old, and have very ambitious goals for my future. I love the outdoors and spent my last summer working on a trail crew in Colorado. Water resource management is a strong passion of mine, and I hope to gain experience and new insights from this program. I have been on the Dean’s List for 4 semesters in a row and can manage my time for studies and other activities very well. Traveling is a very important part of my life and I have found that it has well rounded my point of view. I’m looking for a future in helping the world we live on, it’s not an easy task, but I have a strong passion to make a difference in the quality of our environment.
MohamedMohamed M.
My name is Mohamed M. and my hometown is Wanlweyn, Somalia in East Africa.  My major is Geography and Interdisciplinary Studies with international studies. I am also doing a specialization in International Agriculture and International Development. I have an interest in sustainable agriculture because I believe that is the way we should go towards the future. I picked Australia because I want to learn how sustainable agriculture works in a developed country.
omelas2Leonel O.
Criminal Justice
My name is Leonel O., but I go by Leo. I’m currently a sophomore majoring in Criminal Justice. My hometown is Bangor, Michigan which is a small town in the Southwest part of Michigan. Some of my hobbies are to workout, play sports and cut hair. I also love to travel and try new stuff.  This is my fourth study abroad here at Michigan State University, and I plan to do a couple more. My future career goals are to join a state or federal law enforcement agency.
VidishaVidisha P.
Hello my name is Vidisha P. and I am sophomore Dietetics major. I hope to open my own clinic for weight loss eventually. But along the way I would like do research regarding certain aspects of nutrition. The reason why I am interested in this program is because in addition to being passionate about nutrition, I am passionate about the environment. I believe that is important to know where our food comes from, and we obtain food in a way that is least detrimental to the earth. I am also very excited to travel to Australia; it has always been a dream of mine.
ribnick2Steven R.
Construction Management
My name is Steven R. I am a Junior studying Construction Management. I am from Haslett MI, which is only a few miles away from East Lansing. I have been around MSU my whole life and am pretty familiar with the campus and the whole East Lansing area. I am very interested in alternative energy. While abroad I want to see what kinds of alternative energy Australia uses.
AndrewAndrew R.
Materials Sci. & Engr.
My name is Andrew R. I’m a Junior majoring in Materials Science & Engineering from Macomb, MI. Some of my interests include playing hockey, snowboarding and going to concerts. I am very excited for this study abroad summer semester in Australia. I hope this trip provides insight towards designing for sustainability while I experience all Australia has to offer.
ScottScott R.
Biosystems Engineering
Hey, my name is Scott R. and I’m from Glastonbury, CT, which is right outside of Hartford or 2 hours north of New York and 2 hours south of Boston. I’m currently a sophomore at MSU and obviously love it. I’m a Biosystems Engineering major with a special interest in food engineering. I’m looking forward to studying in Australia for the unique experiences and learning opportunities available. But I’m really just here for the koalas.
StephanieStephanie S.
My name is Stephanie S. and I am from Wheaton, Illinois. I am a sophomore majoring in chemistry, minoring in mathematics, and specializing in environmental studies at MSU. I love to run in my free time and am part of the Running Club. Although I am unsure of my future career path I hope to have a job in which I can work towards a more sustainable Earth. I am particularly interested in using chemistry to improve the current state of our environment rather than degrade it as many industrial processes are doing. I am extremely excited for the trip to Australia this summer and cannot wait to experience all it has to offer!
IanIan S.
Envir Studies and Agriscience
My name is Ian S. I am from DeWitt, MI right here in the Lansing area. My major is Environmental Studies and Agriscience. I think that our food and monetary systems are unstable institutions that do not provide the best opportunity for the most people to thrive.  I would like to promote ways to increase local food availability as well as community resilience and sustainability so that poverty and unemployment doesn’t mean starvation. “An injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere.”I will be 23 years old in two weeks. I love the band Phish, I have seen them live 13 times in the last 3 years.  I play bass guitar.  I am very excited to make new friends and have this awesome experience!
JasonJason S.
Crop and Soil Sciences
Hi everyone!  My name is Jason S. and I hail from the small town of Fremont, MI, where my family owns and operates a 900-1000 acre dairy and cash crop farm.  I am currently double majoring in Crop and Soil Sciences and Agribusiness Management here in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources at Michigan State University.  I am an active member in MSU Block & Bridle Club, MSU Campus Crusade for Christ, and the Tau Chapter of Alpha Gamma Rho at Michigan State.Upon graduation, it is my goal to obtain a full-time job with a large agricultural firm such as Dow Agrosciences, where I interned last summer and plan to intern again this coming summer following our study abroad trip.  I am extremely excited to be able to study sustainability in such a unique country as Australia, and I especially look forward to visiting local farms and agribusinesses while we are in country and learning more about the sustainability efforts of agriculture abroad.  Hopefully this will be an excellent life learning experience for me and I will be able to take away new perspectives about issues in my field of study, as well as expose myself to the viewpoints of my peers.
ShaneShane S.
Civil Engineering
My name is Shane S.,  and I am completing my first year here at MSU.  I am from the Grand Rapids area, near the Grand Valley Allendale Campus, and went to Coopersville Area Public Schools.  My current study is Civil Engineering with interest in structural sustainability and design.  I wish learn about the structural and environmental sustainability around Australia, but also enjoying the nature.  Other interests include the collecting and sales of minerals and numismatics.
LauraLaura S.
Lifelong Education
My name is Laura Stanley and I am originally from Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan, but have lived in Ann Arbor for the past three years. I am a Senior B.S. undergraduate student at the University of Michigan. I am concentrating in the “Program in the Environment”, which is a joint program between U of M’s School of Natural Resources and Environment and the School of Literature, Science, and the Arts. My specialization is in Conservation Biology and Restoration Ecology, but I am particularly interested in integrating sustainable food systems with conservation of native ecology by using methods such as GIS. I am especially excited to see how Australia’s climate and environment has affected how the people interact with their surroundings and to also experience it for myself.
NicholasNick S.
Environmental Studies and Agriscience
My name is Nick S. and I am from Naperville, Illinois which is about an hour southwest from Chicago. I am currently a sophomore Environmental Studies and Agriscience major at MSU. I am a member of the Spartan Marching Band and enjoy camping, scuba diving and graphic design. So far my future plans consist of working federally in the EPA or as a consultant for profit and non-profit organizations. I am particularly interested in the sustainability aspect of the trip from a governmental view and trying to learn the inner workings and connections of Australian groups. Since I was very young I have always wanted to visit Australia and this is finally my chance to.
PaulPaul S.
Human Biology
My name is Paul S. I’m from Rochester, Michigan. I am currently a Human Bio major in Lyman Briggs. I am type 1 diabetic and plan on becoming a endocrinologist hopefully, but medical school is hard. I have never taken a sustainability class, but it has been brought up in previous classes before and sounds very intriguing. Maybe I learn a few things from the trip and could use them in my future career either with med school or a whole different route. To me, Australia sounds like a place to experience new things and build on the old background I already had.
KyleighKyleigh S.
Interdisciplinary Health Studies
My name is Kyleigh S., and I am from a rural town in southwest Michigan named Marcellus. Marcellus is a farming community where everyone enjoys the outdoors. I am a very active person, and enjoy playing sports, including volleyball and softball. I also love to snowboard and wakeboard.I recently just switched my major from pre-nursing to interdisciplinary health studies, but I still applied to Michigan State’s nursing program a few weeks ago. I love traveling, and exploring new places and ways of life. I am excited for this study abroad program so I can gain a better understanding of what it is like to live outside of the United States. Also, if I have free time on this trip I would like to explore the Australian health care system, and see how professionals interact within that setting.
HayleyHayley T.
Food Science
My name is Hayley T. I am from Canton, MI and currently go to school at MSU. I am studying Food Science. I focus on the science of it all and hope to work for Monsanto or Nestle one day. I’d like to get into the field of genetically engineering food. In Australia I hope to learn about different environments and food sustainability.
ElizabethElizabeth W.
Agribusiness Management
My name is Elizabeth W.  You can call me Liz; it’s much easier and shorter to say.  I’m majoring in Agribusiness Management with a specialization in International Agriculture. I’m from a small town called Belding near Grand Rapids. A large part of my interest in agriculture comes from the fact that I grew up on an apple orchard. I enjoy traveling and learning about new cultures, and I am very excited for this program. I also want to add that I love college sports and have season tickets for football and basketball.
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